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Limit Break

The Basics of your personality.
Name/Nickname? Jnanee K
Gender? Female
Age? (No one under 13, please) 16
Zodiac? Virgo
Would you like to be rated as a girl/boy/no matter? Doesn’t matter
Favorite color? Why? Black because it’s versatile and red because it’s…powerful
Favorite FF game? Why? FFVII – awesome storyline, good side games (though the side quests in IX are better) and intriguing characters
Favorite FF Character? Why? Tifa’s a real powerhouse and she has depth – not like the Mary Sues you get for other female leads (not referring to Aeris)
Are there any FF Characters you dislike? Naw, no one
Hobbies - Reading, video gaming (woohoo!), dance (Indian), listening to music, cycling, Photoshopping and wasting my life away on the Internet when I should be studying (like right now)
Talents – Science, and…that’s about it XP I think I would have made a good basketballer, but I made all the wrong choices back then…*sigh*
What are your strong attributes? I think and act differently from the cookie-cutter crowd in my school (and I get sh*t for it, but do I care? NO) I’m also really kind-hearted, and I don’t give a damn about what others think I ought to be (I’ve been rejected many times from things I really loved and wanted to do, but my hopes still haven’t been killed)
What are your weak attributes? I tend to get a little carried away at times (when I get mad) I also don’t have enough self-discipline X.X
Optimistic or Pessimistic?  More to the pessimistic side – I actually tend to emo quite a bit
Extroverted or Introverted? (Outgoing or Shy) Introverted, but  I have a sparky side which comes out when I do things which I love (e.g. FF stuffage :P)
Confident or Modest? More modest, I should think
Mature or Immature?  More mature that the n00bfaces at school, trust me…
Logical or Intuitive? Logical
 Deeper into your personality
What are some things you love? Babies, kids, animals, frumpy old people, my family, God and Japan (for FF and manga goodness)
What are some things you absolutely hate and despise? Narrow-minded b*tchy people (aka some people in my school)
What weapon would you use? A magic staff, I guess
What superpower would you have if you could only have one superpower (e.g. invisibility, mind-reading) and why? Invisibility, so I could go places and do things which I could never do
If you could be any animal, which would you be? Why? Stallion, because they’re majestic and pretty and they pwn you
What are a few items you just couldn't live without?  My glasses, books, the Internet and my PS.
Would you rather have a ton of money and power or a ton of friends and supporters? Why? Oh, I don’t know…I’m not really the bonding mushy-mushy type, so money and a few friends/family would do for me. I could put the money to good use, anyway.
You find that one of your most treasured possessions has disappeared. What do you think is the most likely cause of the disappearance? I usually think that someone who’s out to get me stole them… :S
You have one day (or week?) to live, how do you spend it? Food and family.
Are family or friends more important to you and why?  My family – they’ve provided much more support than the people at school and I don’t think that’s going to change.
What is your most cherished memory? Why? Well, it was over a two-year period. I was five/six and I was (obviously) VERY free back then, so my parents bought lots of cakes for me and my brother and took us to places and everything…t'was back when they weren’t so tired.
Would you die for anything? Yeah, for something/someone I really love
What do you think you'll be doing in 5-10 years? University
 (and for all those fangirls or fanboys out there) What's your favorite pairing?! Seifer/Brahne!!! Now who’s your momma?! BWAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

….alright, alright, I’ll be serious now XP
Squall/Quistis, Cloud/Aeris and Cloud/Tifa (NOT at the same time, though!) work for me
And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? Y’know…there’re so many of them that I have no idea XP
Where did you hear about us? Googled for FF rating communities
If you can, please suggest one thing (new question, question to be taken out, whatever) to make this survey better: Sorry, I don’t feel like thinking right now

Now post at least (3) clear photos of yourself. If you really don't want to post any, or don't have any, describe yourself the best you can. ^_^
Height : 5’5”
Complexion : Medium-brown (I’m Indian, yo!)
Eye colour : Dark brown
Hair : Black, waist-length, straight
Body Type : Slim  
Misc : Bespectacled
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