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I'll Break Your Mom's Limit

The Basics of your personality.

Name/Nickname? Sachi, Sachibelle, Spoach...I have a lot of nicknames, and I'm still not sure where half of them came from.

Gender? Boobs.

Age? (No one under 13, please) 18.

Zodiac? I pinch. Little pinch. Sidewalk, sidewalk.

Would you like to be rated as a girl/boy/no matter? :D; Both would be GREAT.

Favorite color? Why? Red. I love bright colors that stand out. ;D

Favorite FF game? Why? Final Fantasy IX. It was the only one with characters that really grabbed me. All of the others, I found characters here and there that stood out, but in FFIX, I felt that the characters were the strongest. And I didn't get annoyed with angsty, stupid main characters. Zidane was just too precious~

Favorite FF Character? Why? Kuja, Kuja, Kuja. My God, Kuja. He was the reason I started playing FFIX. I first heard about his personality, and I thought, "My God, what a megalomaniacal bastard." While I played through the game, I found myself loving how childish he sounded at times, like calling Brahne the "Elephant Lady." Not to mention towards the end, I felt he had a justified reason for going batshit insane. X3 I would've too~

Are there any FF Characters you dislike? Hehehe, half of the main characters. And every single heroine. I hated Cloud, Squall, Aeris, Rinoa, Yuna, and Garnet. D:< I just got with annoyed with how downbeat all the guy characters were, and how pathetic all the girl characters were. I can't stand the girls who can't do anything without their man, or the ones who are just weak and can't do anything without relying on somebody else. GRR. They make me mad.

Hobbies/talents? Singing, acting, dancing, the whole lot. I love the stage. X3 I voice act as well, and I play the piano and violin. I love the performing arts, but I also like some visual arts as well, though I'm not nearly as good as my girlfriend. X3;; I love watching movies and reading books as well.

What are your strong attributes? I'm positive, and I make friends easily. I'm usually pretty energetic and apparently, I'm charismatic. When I commit to something, I REALLY commit, and I'll put as much work into every little detail until it comes out wonderfullll.

What are your weak attributes? I kinda have some mood swingy problems, but those have gone down recently. I have severe anxiety issues, but those have gone down too. I'm stubborn and high-strung, sometimes. I also tend to be too hard on myself/my own worst critic, whatever you wanna call it. I also...um, kind of have a bit of a sick sense of humor. Sometimes.

Optimistic or Pessimistic? Op-ti-mis-tic.

Extroverted or Introverted? (Outgoing or Shy) Extroverted.

Confident or Modest? Confident. Well, I'm not modest, at least.

Mature or Immature? Immature. Though I know when to be mature.

Logical or Intuitive? I'd say I'm intuitive. Honestly, my logic doesn't make any sense to anyone but me half of the time.

Deeper into your personality

What are some things you love? My fiancee! <3

Um, but in all seriousness, Broadway Musicals. I also adore psychological horror, and Chuck Palahniuk. My God, I love Chuck Palahniuk. I love movies and books that really make you think, but only if the characters are interesting and believable. By believable, I don't mean realistic situations, I just mean characters that aren't perfect. True beauty is in imperfection, after all. X3 I love Darren Aronofsky films as well, probably for the same reason. Then the small things...I like beavers. A LOT. ;_; They're so cute. And animals in general.

What are some things you absolutely hate and despise? Drugs. Spit. Gum. I can't stand people who can't take responsibility and take care of themselves every once in a while. I also can't stand people who let themselves fade away out of existence.

What weapon would you use? Hahaha, with me, I'd just take whatever I find. XD;; I'd end up more like a survival horror character, just using whatever I find on the floor. OR A GIANT MACHETE. PLEASE.

What superpower would you have if you could only have one superpower (e.g. invisibility, mind-reading) and why? Empathy. I feel like I'm an empathetic person, but I feel sometimes I can't understand where people come from as much as I'd like to. I want to be able to understand people's emotions in a deeper way so that I can help them in the best way I can. Even if I can't help them in their situation, I'd like to be able to help them cope.

If you could be any animal, which would you be? Why? OH GOD A BEAVER OR A FOX. I love them both. ;_; I don't really know why, but I've always had a love for foxes. My love for beavers started up last year for no real reason in particular. And then there's kitties...I could go on for ages. XD;

What are a few items you just couldn't live without? My engagement ring. The ring my grandma gave me. A stage. Oh yeah, and oxygen.

Would you rather have a ton of money and power or a ton of friends and supporters? Why?
Tons of friends and supporters. I don't need money or power to make me feel happy. Mutual happiness between my friends is so much more important than status or money.

You find that one of your most treasured possessions has disappeared. What do you think is the most likely cause of the disappearance? Me losing it. I tend to misplace things a lot of the times. I wouldn't put it past myself to put it in some weird place like the freezer or something. : / I found my cell phone in there once.

You have one day (or week?) to live, how do you spend it? I wouldn't dwell on it. It'd be such a waste of a last day to brood about your life. I would spend the entire day with my closest friends, just hanging out like it was any other day.

Oh yeah, and I'd probably go ahead and do something I never have before. Like eating a spoonful of wasabi. Aw, hell yeah.

Are family or friends more important to you and why? I can't answer that. I can't rank people.

What is your most cherished memory? Why? I don't have very good memory, honestly. I don't remember a lot of stuff from when I was little. It may sound weird, but some of them were actually the times I spent in a Japanese class with my most precious teacher. The times I spent there really can't ever be relived.

If not then, this is gonna sound corny like no other, but I feel like right now, the memories I've been creating this month. It's the first time I've seen my fiancee in three years, and so we've been really living it up this month. I've been doing my best to make sure that all of the memories created this June are the best of both of our lives, so we can remember them until the next time we see each other. ;3

Would you die for anything? If I felt that was my purpose. But I wouldn't want to do something selfish like suicide to prove a cause. But dammit, I better be having a cool death if it's gonna be something like that.

What do you think you'll be doing in 5-10 years? I see myself becoming an actor for a local theatre guild, or a professional voice actor. Maybe I'll travel to Japan for the first time. ;D Or I could just be teaching Japanese. I don't know yet.

Extras...(and for all those fangirls or fanboys out there) What's your favorite pairing?! </b> Oh Christ. This is hard. Beatrix and Steiner are too cute for their own good. But at the same time, I don't like the romantic aspects of most of my pairings...if that makes sense? XD;; I prefer Zidane and Eiko's relationship and Zidane and Kuja's relationship to any romantic relationship.

OH. And Freya and Fratley. OTP.

And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? Hahaha, I don't even know.

Where did you hear about us? :3; The master stamping community.

If you can, please suggest one thing (new question, question to be taken out, whatever) to make this survey better: Naaa, this survey's pretty dang good. ;3

Now post at least (3) clear photos of yourself. If you really don't want to post any, or don't have any, describe yourself the best you can. ^_^

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