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Limit break. I'm too tired to get creative.

The Basics of your personality.

Name/Nickname? Dox

Gender? I try to remain androgynous :V

Age? (No one under 13, please) 15

Zodiac? Virgo/Sheep

Would you like to be rated as a girl/boy/no matter? Doesn't matter

Favorite color? Why? Green, because... I don't know. I just like it. It makes me think of plants.

Favorite FF game? Why? Hmmm. Well, I like all the FFs (from 1 to 10-2, anyway, since those are the ones I've played :B though the Charlie's Angels feel of 10-2 did freak me out a little but that game still had its fun moments OKAY GETTING OFF TOPIC), but I guess my favorite would be II/IV. It was the first one I ever played, and I remember playing it before I could even read -- I remember I'd pretty much just ride chocobos all the time since I didn't know what to do, and also because I really liked the music. It was actually one of the things that made me decide to learn how to read, since I loved it and wanted to know what it was saying. Unfortunately, the Engrish in that game was so thick that it still didn't make any sense to my toddler brain. I SURE DO LOVE THAT GAME, THOUGH

Favorite FF Character? Why? Ah, jeez. That's a tough one. Hmm... how about... DON CORNEO! Come on, you have to admit, that guy was great on so many levels. Just this giggling, flamboyant pimp/hotel owner with a mohawk and a heart tattooed to his head and curly chest hair. And any guy who runs a hotel where there's women in bee costumes bouncing around is cool in my book.

Are there any FF Characters you dislike? Rinoa. Argh. She's just bratty and whiny and clingy and I didn't care about her at all. There's a handful of other characters I'm not really fond of (Tidus, Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie, Garnet, Selphie, etc), but they at least had their moments. Rinoa just annoyed me.

Hobbies/talents? Video games, internet, computers, drawing, writing (rarely), reading, science, psychology.

What are your strong attributes? Good sense of humor, silly, level-headed, easy-going, rational (most of the time), giving (so I'm told), honest (though not to the point of being a jerk), forgiving, eccentric, stubborn.

What are your weak attributes? Forgetful, spacey, distant, withdrawn, passive, insecure, skittish, occasionally impatient, horrible procrastinator, stubborn.

Optimistic or Pessimistic? I'm optimistic for other people (friends and family, namely), but otherwise? Very pessimistic. I tend to keep it to myself, though.

Extroverted or Introverted? (Outgoing or Shy) Very introverted. Extro/introversion doesn't really have a lot to do with being outgoing or shy, though. :O

Confident or Modest? Modest

Mature or Immature? Mature, for the most part. But man put me around friends or family and OH BOY

Logical or Intuitive? A mix of both, really. I'm not entirely sure if I lean more to one side or not.

Deeper into your personality

What are some things you love? Music, family, friends, kids, animals, nice people, books, weird dreams, sci-fi, goofing off with friends and family, knowing I cheered someone up when they were upset, certain games/songs/shows/books/people/etc. Also the stuff in Hobbies/Talents.

What are some things you absolutely hate and despise? Being bored, saying or doing something stupid and feeling like a moron afterwards, ants, people who are all emotional and touchy-feely and ehgrughg (I wouldn't really say I "hate" them, it's just that that sort of thing... well, makes me kind of barfy, to be blunt), close-mindedness, hypocrites, pretentious people, condescending people, being hit on, selfish people, and materialistic people.

What weapon would you use? What, if I were in FF or something? Uh... if I had to choose, I'd go with a long range weapon like a gun or magic or something. I'm not very physically strong, and I don't really wanna get up close and personal with such charming characters like a giggling sociopath with clown make-up on and giant snake that can fit an entire human (or three) in its mouth.

What superpower would you have if you could only have one superpower (e.g. invisibility, mind-reading) and why? The ability to teleport. I could go anywhere, see anyone, and it'd be much cheaper and safer than normal means of transportation!

If you could be any animal, which would you be? Why? Uhhh. Wolf. Since I'd get to be in a pack or something. I dunno 8B

What are a few items you just couldn't live without? Food and water.
And a computer with internet.
... and video games.

Would you rather have a ton of money and power or a ton of friends and supporters? Why? I would take the money. Spend a little, save a little, give the rest to those who need it. Why turn that down when I could put it towards a good cause? Not to mention that choosing the money doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly have no friends and be alone for the rest of my life -- I'd still have the friends I have, and I can make more as time goes on.

You find that one of your most treasured possessions has disappeared. What do you think is the most likely cause of the disappearance? Misplacement.

You have one day (or week?) to live, how do you spend it? I'd spend it with people I care about and just do as much as I can. If I'm gonna die then I might as well party hard, am I right or am I right.

Are family or friends more important to you and why? Ack, I don't like to choose. Both are very important to me.

What is your most cherished memory? Why? I don't really have any one, particular memory I value the most.

Would you die for anything? Yep.

What do you think you'll be doing in 5-10 years? Ah, well, hopefully not living in the streets. I'm shooting for a career in computer science.


(and for all those fangirls or fanboys out there) What's your favorite pairing?! I don't really care too much :B Zack/Cloud and Cid/Vincent are old favorites, I suppose.

And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? No clue :O

Where did you hear about us? I think it was stamping_comms. I was in a stamping community mood.

If you can, please suggest one thing (new question, question to be taken out, whatever) to make this survey better: Nah, it's fine.

If by "three clear photos" you mean "write a description" then BOY I'M YOUR MAN. I'm skinny and pale with short, messy brown hair, glasses, greenish/blueish/grayish eyes, and dark, baggy clothing. I usually have a ":|" look on my face. May or may not be wearing a Mario hat.
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