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Limit break bitch

The Basics of your personality.

Name/Nickname? Brittney, BG, or Britters

Gender? Female

Age? (No one under 13, please) 20

Zodiac? Capricorn Baby =)

Would you like to be rated as a girl/boy/no matter? Doesn't matter. I usually prefer boys though. Dunno why

Favorite color? Why? Green, it symbolizes peace and new life to me.

Favorite FF game? Why? 8. It was the first one I ever played, and to this day I think it has the greatest romantic story line and best character development.

Favorite FF Character? Why? Quistis/Zell/LeBlanc. Sorry I couldn't decide. I would probably end up going with Quistis...but all three are like versions of certain personality traits I have. Yet they are all very different. Im goofy, but intelligent and intellecutal. And i have my snobby over confident moments as well. Also im really spoiled and have princess syndrom moments like leblanc =D

Are there any FF Characters you dislike? Tidus, simply because he wanks to much. I dunno, he erks me.

Hobbies/talents? Graphic design, photography, anime, video games, reading/writing, myspace =), going to concerts

What are your strong attributes? Im really outgoing, sincere, and a really good listener. I truly care and sometimes thats a flaw but for the most part its a strength. Im funny, and I can make you smile even if your having the worst day.

What are your weak attributes? Im really stubborn and paranoid. Im a bit dramatic and I break down a lot.

Optimistic or Pessimistic? Neither, guess that makes me realistic.

Extroverted or Introverted? (Outgoing or Shy) Usually extroverted

Confident or Modest? i have modestarrogance =D

Mature or Immature? Both, but usually mature

Logical or Intuitive? Definately both

Deeper into your personality

What are some things you love? My fiance. He's been my savior in this life. He woke the person up that i always wanted to be. I love my pets. More than anything. I have a cat, bird, lizard, and guniea pig. They complete me. I also love all my hobbies which you can read above.

What are some things you absolutely hate and despise? Unneccesary violence. Bigotry, racism, homophobia, most religions, bad movies, windmills, broken glass, prudes, really arrogant people, and usually most girls.

What weapon would you use? id definately have some sort of sword or spear.

What superpower would you have if you could only have one superpower (e.g. invisibility, mind-reading) and why? Probably invisibility, id love the sneaky-ness of it and being able to be places I shouldn't be.

If you could be any animal, which would you be? Why? A snow leopard. I think they are really under appreciated. They are beautiful and graceful but they can kill you just as well as any other beast out there. Sorta beautiful disaster like me.

What are a few items you just couldn't live without? My computer and my video games. they allow my boredness to go away

Would you rather have a ton of money and power or a ton of friends and supporters? Why? Considering I do just fine without a lot of friends im going to go against the majority and say money and power. I barely find true friends now, why not get some money and power out of it? As long as my baby was by myside.

You find that one of your most treasured possessions has disappeared. What do you think is the most likely cause of the disappearance? I would honestly think if it were a materialistic thing it would be my own clumsy-ness. I would assume I lost it. If it were my animals or a person id assume my dad since he hates my animals and most of my friends. haha

You have one day (or week?) to live, how do you spend it? cuddling with my baby. going to look at the ocean, go to the mall one last time to cause havoc.

Are family or friends more important to you and why? friends. i have no family, i disowned them all. i dont have that many good friends either but the ones i do have, i love with all of me.

What is your most cherished memory? Why? my mom. it was one of the first and last unconditional loves ill probably ever have.

Would you die for anything? my baby. and my cat.

What do you think you'll be doing in 5-10 years? hopefully married with a nice big house. ill probably always be working an insignificant job making barely enough to get by. but im ok with that.

Extras...(and for all those fangirls or fanboys out there) What's your favorite pairing?! </b> ohhh i have an interesting one. Lulu x Quistis. OMG. *drool*

And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? I have no clue actually

Where did you hear about us? Searched for stamped comms

If you can, please suggest one thing (new question, question to be taken out, whatever) to make this survey better: something random "whats your favorite underwear" or


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