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No clever tagline for you. LIMIT BREAK

The Basics of your personality.

Name/Nickname? Angelica/Lina

Gender? Female.

Age? (No one under 13, please) 20. OH GOD, OLD. ONE FIFTH OF A CENTURY. TWO DECADES. WHAT.

Zodiac? I really don't believe in any of that stuff. Isn't this irrelevant? But I suppose some of you still do, for whatever reason (it's so tempting to say something that will offend you all, but I'll refrain).
EDIT: Oops, I didn't actually answer this. FINE, GOD. Taurus. Or, if you want the yearly whatever Chinese thing, year of the rabbit.

Would you like to be rated as a girl/boy/no matter? I don't mind either way.

Favorite color? Why? It's currently green, but I also have a certain amount of fondness for purple. Why? I don't know. And I don't like bright green either, or bright purple. Dark colors only. I tend to gravitate towards cool colors and I don't know why. Maybe I'm reptilian somehow? Uh, but anyway... I like green because... it's pretty? There isn't really much of a deeper meaning here and I don't really feel the need to search for one.

Favorite FF game? Why? Final Fantasy VII, even though the Compilation is killing itself slowly. It was just the first FF game I ever played, so there's a ton of nostalgia mixed into it. That and I love the characters, even after all these years. I also adore Advent Children, which I suppose means that I'm in the minority seeing as how I've actually played the original game and nowadays all you see are fanbrats (no off-- okay, no, that's a lie) who have just seen AC and go "OMFG, SHINY, PRETTY, BISHIE" etc. It's nauseating. And I apologize vaguely if that offends you, but not really because it honestly DOES irritate me when people claim to be a fan of FFVII but have such limited experience with it.

Favorite FF Character? Why? Kadaj. Why? There's the obvious answer (i.e., he's PRETTY), but there's also the fact that he's this utterly despicable character that people nonetheless are attracted to. I'm not talking about just his looks here, mind you. I mean that he's so, well, pathetic in that he'll do absolutely ANYTHING for Jenova, but he doesn't even know that it's Sephiroth's will he's actually following. He's made up of so many contradictions and they're fascinating to try and explore. It's also incredibly FUN to RP him, even though he is sort of... um, insane, bratty, and annoying. It's hard to find the right blend of traits so that he doesn't veer too much into the homicidal psycho type arena OR into the lost child arena. He's both at the same time and people seem to forget one in favor of the other far too often.

I could go on for a lot longer, but there you go. |D;;

... UM, if we're talking about a game only character, I'd go with Vivi. FFIX is my next favorite FF game, you see, annnnd Vivi's just so adorable and his story is so SAD. I want to hug him and save him from the bad things. |D;;; Random note: while the tone of this entire thing has been largely serious, that's NOT because I'm a serious person but because filling these things out always puts me in a very introspective mood. That leads to me going on at great length about NOTHING and just in general putting a lot more thought into things than I normally do.

So, yes. Vivi. My attachment to him is not quite as obsessive deep (that sounds so stupid)... strong? I don't know. Well, I suppose it works, because I was about to essentially say that the reasons why I like him are much more superficial. He's adorable, he has a sad story-- oh, but wait. He's one of what has now become a fairly commonplace archetype. You know, the doll created solely for the purpose of battle and so on that has now developed a sense of self that goes against what it was created for? You can find this pretty much everywhere now. Ayanami Rei is a good example of this, I think, and so are... well, think. Pretty much any story that has mass produced clones or machines and so on seems to develop one or more characters that follow this path. I think... in the Black Mages' case, it's all the more tragic and striking because they're all so childlike and the sudden awakening is such a horror to them. Going to the Black Mage Village always depresses me-- I mean, I love it there and it's probably my favorite place to visit in the whole game, but seeing them with numbers instead of names and being so terrified at first at the intruders is heartbreaking. And then when they talk about how they're going to stop and dlkfjlkjsg. The way in which the characters are the world there in is designed just makes it all stand out more, somehow. Am I making any sense? D: And WOW I wrote more for Vivi than I did for Kadaj. That's weird.

Are there any FF Characters you dislike? ... Huh. OH WAIT, I know. Shelke and Rosso pissed me off. So does that THING known as Genesis. I just... eurgh. Shelke was far too... flat, and I hated what they did to Lucrecia anyway and Shelke just sort of personifies that because of what happened at the end of DoC (I hated that game so much), and.. asdkjklsfg. As for Rosso, her accent baffled me and so did her outfit. She was also a bitch to fight, and a bitch in general. Annoyed the hell out of me.

Hobbies/talents? ... This section is always hard. Okay, well, hobbies are easy. I like reading (both regular books AND manga), writing, playing video games, acting like an idiot online, role-playing (I think that technically qualifies as "writing," but still), watching all of two shows on TV (House M.D. and Heroes), annnd I think that's it. I'm a hermit. I hate going outside and engaging in any form of physical activity. Oh wait, but I also like to cosplay, but that has more to do with sewing, I think? And just wearing the costume when it's done. And going to conventions, where I never really do anything except for hang out in the Dealer's Room or with friends, OR BOTH. And talents-- I suppose writing and cosplaying qualify here, but I don't know if I'm talented necessarily.

What are your strong attributes? I'm... smart? At least, I'd like to think I'm smart. Also, when it comes to my very close friends and family, I'd do just about anything to see that they're happy. And no, that was NOT a lie to try and influence you into somehow miraculously voting me as Kadaj. He's not in the list of people you can vote for anyway, so HA. Anyway. Where was I? I'd also like to think that I have a good imagination and that I'm creative, but uh... I have a hard time with this, sorry. Will get into that in the "weak attributes" section.

What are your weak attributes? I'm very easily distracted at times. I also have a horrible memory, and those two combined mean that I pretty much go on random tangents pretty much all the time when thinking/writing. I have nearly nonexistent social skills. I am a hermit. I'm very distrustful of people as of late. Oops? In a word, I am a misanthrope. I alternate between having a very high opinion of myself and having a very low opinion of myself. I have a tendency to overthink things. I procrastinate like you would not BELIEVE. I make excuses for myself not to do things and end up never doing them at all. I take things that aren't really important all too seriously. I am something of a doormat. I actually probably would do anything for those I care deeply enough for, which leads to all kinds of problems because I don't think things through in those cases. I'm horribly impulsive. And-- I DON'T KNOW. I think that's enough. Oh yes, and if it's something I'm not interested in, like school, I'll just put forth the minimal effort to get what I want and then move on.

Optimistic or Pessimistic? Pessimistic. So very pessimistic. We're all going to die, you know. Global warming and freedom fighters/terrorists, weapons of math instruction mass distraction mass destruction THAT DON'T EXIST, etc. That and I have a very poor opinion of the human race in general, which makes it very hard to be optimistic. I can, however, be very strangely optimistic when it comes to my friends and such-- allow me to clarify, since I think that entire paragraph sucked. On a large scale, I'm pessimistic. On a smaller scale, as when dealing with individual persons or small groups, I'm optimistic. If it's just me, I'm pessimistic and won't take your crazy happy crap.

Extroverted or Introverted? (Outgoing or Shy) Introverted. I have difficulty approaching people online AND offine, but then again, once I get to know you, I'm totally insane and impulsive and occasionally shameless. But yeah, unless I know you, I'm very reserved and quiet in person.

Confident or Modest? It bounces back and forth. I mentioned that already. D:

Mature or Immature? Soooooooo immature.

Logical or Intuitive? ... Both. I think about things more than I should at times, while at others, I'll do whatever the hell I feel like. Probably more intuitive than logical, though. I'm way more interested in having fun than doing shit like THINKING.

Deeper into your personality

What are some things you love? Uh. What. Cats. My close friends and family. Books. Things. This is redundant. Does this REALLY need to be so long? Maybe it's just that I answered things to extensively already. Sigh, sigh, sigh. But yeah, take everything from the hobbies/talents section and stick that in here, too.

What are some things you absolutely hate and despise? Liars. Bigots. Hypocrites. Attention whores. Drama whores. Stupid people. Humans. That pretty much covers it, really. I also hate getting my socks wet, but I don't think that's very helpful, is it?

What weapon would you use? Um. I'd rather use magic, because guess what? I am a wimp. |D I'd be an awesome black mage anyway. SO THERE.

What superpower would you have if you could only have one superpower (e.g. invisibility, mind-reading) and why? Teleportation, so I could go wherever I felt like. That kind of freedom appeals to me. I could do pretty much anything I wanted and get away with it. The potential for both a life of crime and a life of crime FIGHTING is limitless. Also, I could just goof off and do whatever, but still!

If you could be any animal, which would you be? Why? A cat. I love cats. I could sleep all day, be petted and fed whenever, and basically rule over a whole house without lifting a finger. Cats are such arrogant little pricks, BUT I LOVE THEM ANYWAY. SUCH POWER.

What are a few items you just couldn't live without? My computer and the internet. I mean, really. I'd totally die if I couldn't access this stuff. That and all of my books. And my PS2 and my TV and all of my games. Pretty much everything in my room, really. |D;; Also food and air, but whatever. And indoor plumbing, but you get the idea, right?

Would you rather have a ton of money and power or a ton of friends and supporters? Why? I'd rather have a ton of money and power. I really don't like having more than a handful of friends that I'm really close with. I'm very, very solitary, so having a ton of... fans, I guess, is just really unappealing.

You find that one of your most treasured possessions has disappeared. What do you think is the most likely cause of the disappearance? ... The most likely cause? I was absent-minded and lost it somewhere in my room. That happens ALL the time. Or, if it's my kyoot pet snake (her name is Sheila ♥), she crawled out of her tank and that means I need to hunt through my room looking for her. I have done this like three times already and it's so not fun.

You have one day (or week?) to live, how do you spend it? Partying with my friends for part of it, spending time with my family for another part, and just spending time on my own for the rest. As long as I enjoy myself, I don't really care WHEN I die.

Are family or friends more important to you and why? ... Ah. That depends. My mom and my brother are definitely important to me, and my sister too (even if we haven't really had a real conversation in years now), but my friends... I don't know. I can't really answer this one.

What is your most cherished memory? Why? Time spent with my best friend, Cassie. Because she's my best friend and she moved away. I haven't seen her in years. That's all you're getting.

Would you die for anything? Yes. For my friends and my family and probably a few SELECT causes if I thought it would change anything. It probably wouldn't.

What do you think you'll be doing in 5-10 years? Living in an apartment or small house with a ton of cats, hopefully writing a novel or something. Scaring the crap out of small children that dare wander nearby. That kind of thing.


(and for all those fangirls or fanboys out there) What's your favorite pairing?! That would be a secret. In other words, I have no idea and I don't want any ship war type crap here anyway. D:

And which character do you think you'll be stamped as? I actually don't really know. I've only played like, what, FFI, FFVII, FFIX, FFX-2, and some of FFVIII and FFXII. And DoC, but that thing doesn't exist.

Where did you hear about us? A friend's profile page, I think...? I can't remember. Don't ask me to think at 3 AM (which it is now. Have I mentioned I'm nocturnal?)

If you can, please suggest one thing (new question, question to be taken out, whatever) to make this survey better: It's too damn long.

Now post at least (3) clear photos of yourself. If you really don't want to post any, or don't have any, describe yourself the best you can. ^_^

THIS IS SO NOT RELEVANT. This is personality-based, not appearance-based! LKSDFJEIF Sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine. Anyway. 6'1", female (WHICH YOU SHOULD KNOW), glasses, sorta frizzy black/dark brown hair with two partially hidden blond highlights (long story) that reaches... uh... 1/3 of the way down my back(? I DON'T PAY ATTENTION), skinny, tends to wear black t-shirts with either the annoying witty white text on them, Invader Zim, or some other random thing like anime... whatever. Also wears dark blue jeans more often than not, occasionally wears a black sweater/jacket thing with a hood. Socks are often insane and do not match. Shoes are black and somewhat ratty, with Invader Zim shoelaces.

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