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ultima_rating's Journal

Wark! Final Fantasy Rating Community!
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This is a community where you can see which character from the Final Fantasy games you are most like, based on a personality survey and a few photos ^_^ It's supposed to be fun, so don't be upset if you don't get your favorite character, but DO join if you love the series and are curious who you are!

1. This should be kind of obvious, but answer truthfully. Also, try to elaborate as much as possible. We don't require paragraphs or anything, but simply try to give us more info than your typical "yes" or "no" answers. ^_^
2. Don't show us altered pictures. Show us honest-to-goodness pictures of yourself. Also, no cosplay photos. ^^; We love cosplay, so don't worry. Just post your cosplay AFTER you've been rated!
3. Be kind and courteous to one another. We don't want trolls and flamers. You WILL be banned. Also, if you have anything slightly adult, use a warning. ^^
4. You do not have to be stamped to be able to vote. Please, vote as soon as you can, so others can be stamped along with you! ^_^
5. No taking our stamps unless you HAVE actually been stamped, please! ^_^
6. If possible, post your stamp/a banner on your info page! If not, it's fine, we just like advertising.
7. In the subject line, add the words"Limit Break". Just so we know you've read the rules and understand them.
8. At *least* 5 votes as the particular character are needed to stamp someone, with a maximum of 10 votes. This all depends on the amount of votes the person gets. We will try to stamp everyone ASAP!
9. You may re-apply as long as you mention that it is a re-application, and you may only do it one time.

When Voting:
1. Make sure you vote them as the person they are most like. Don't resort to only the popular FF characters, or a character they would "want". Use your gut instinct if you have to.
2. Don't vote someone as a character just because everyone else is doing it. ^^
3. Say the characters name, and bold it. The code for bolding is [b] [/b]. Make sure to make the []s <>s and use the /b after the name, so the bold doesn't continue on.
4. Try to vote for only ONE character. If you really can't decide, that's fine.
5. Not a must, but sometimes it's nice to explain why you voted the way you did, so the person being voted can have some insight into your thinking.

The Survey! (Just copy/paste and insert your own info!)

Which characters can you be?
Check out our Character List! (Make sure when rating someone to rate them as one of these characters..)

Here are a few stamp samples! Pretty!

Stamped List!!

If you would like to link us, use one of these banners:

The founders/mods are: pixyteri and melting.
The helpful lovely other mods are neonodie and cherrypop. We love them!

Rating comms:
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fuyu_rating - Fushigi Yuugi
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Non-rating comms:
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*To become an affiliate, either make a post about it, mention it at the beginning or end of your app, or reply to one of melting's or pixyteri's posts.*